No Gunshots Underwater

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Veganism is not limiting. Meat-eaters think we only eat salads.Take away animal flesh and products, and the only other food you can think of is lettuce. Whose diet is limiting?




Been looking for a succinct way to phrase this.

Oh no. Vegans can eat all sorts of other healthy foods. Gotta have those oreos, those pop tarts, that bread, that margarine. Like I get that you can be a somewhat healthy vegan (eat tons of nuts and seeds and some legumes…

1) Plant protein is best for the human body
2) a meat eater riding a bike does more environmental harm than a vegan driving a hummer - meat/dairy production are harming the environment more than automobiles
3) vegans think sentient life is more important than taste buds
4) anything can be made vegan (and better)

Plant protein doesn’t hold a candle to meat protein. Plain and simple. We’re talking 1-2 grams vs 15 grams. No comparison

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attention bottoms: wash

that is all

Shit happens. That being said, yes. All precautions. Easy on the coffee and junk food when bottoming. And shit the day of but before. A lot. Please.